In the year 2178, Daphne was posthumously awarded The Halo Prize for intergalactic achievement. The president from planet Earth, Daphne’s hometown, accepted the award on her behalf. The Halo Prize commemorates Daphne’s nomadic journey orbiting Earth. In 2016, Daphne left New York City and decided to embark an adventure, roaming freely and meeting people from different tribes and of different colors.

Daphne dedicated much of her time to photography, an early art form of capturing a still image. She also maintained a log of her travel encounters and personal feelings in her blog, a now defunct communication medium. After orbiting Earth, her persistent wanderlust pushed her to explore the outer space. She was the first of her kind to reach the outer edges of our galaxy, which we now take for granted.

A monument has now been erected at the rest stop by Exit 11C on the intergalactic highway to celebrate her life. Salute.

A cool friend wrote this awesome bio. Edited by Daphne and she’s still alive.


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